Meet Kami + Colin and their 3 dogs along for our e-session.


As with all my weddings I love doing the e-session, where its a bit more of a casual atmosphere and relaxed and can be a very emotional memorable setting.

These two love their dogs and it meant alot to have them included with the session, soon to be married Kami + Colin – congratulations and sharing the love :: I surprised them a couple of times with the art assignment and with the sentimental moments they will remember forever as they shared them together this day. We even found an enchanted forest.

Such a lovely couple. Can’t wait to be part of your special day and capture all your special moments.

we missed the rain but planned for two weeks to head out

on the farm and venture around.

plans changed quickly when….

you had something in mind and when you have no access

but thick mud and horse dooo..

what does a blonde pocahontas feather hunter do?

go around with a spear on her side.

I use to sing that hunting song to my boys..

“Going on a bear hunt, got no gun..

with a spear on my side”.  blah blah … about

“Going on a mountain, can’t go through it, gotta go over it….”

Sorry maybe you haven’t heard it. Or maybe I made that one up.

I do make up songs for my kids..LOL

Enjoy the captures..


 These little ones for up for a photo shoot and so much more. Like carefree little angels..

these photos speak for themselves with their playful and airy candor.

Took a friend out from work to capture his BMW Adventure bike out in its natural terrain.

Its all loaded up for a trial run and gets around pretty good.

Here are some shots both on and off his bike before the rain shows up.


f e a t u r e d
r a n d o m
g l a m o u r
m a t   +   f a m i l y