I was out recently to look for mushroom with my Mom, the farm girl and stopped by my Brother’s place to check up with what he was up to. As you can see, he spends a lot of time outside, doing that he loves, spending time training and working with horses. This is our uncle’s horse Amigo, he has been working with him for 3 years and has made some noticeable improvements.





Kris + Brittany’s wedding story in Tunnel Mountain, Banff

Such a beautiful day for a young couple with a fairytale story to be married in the heart of Banff on Tunnel Mountain.

I was there as a guest and enjoyed every minute of it. The day was filled with high emotions and beautifully constructed words and messages throughout. As a family friend and being a photographer its very hard not to take your own photos to remember the joyous day of a family you have watched grow up along side your own children.  Such a beautiful family with friends and love and kindness was all around on this joyous day.

The adorable flower girls adorned with baby’s breath head pieces are so darn cute Brooklyn and Nalah and belong to the sister of the Groom Natasha.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the collection:






















©Kendra Keir Photography

Be Love

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I recently did a corporate fun session with these two beautiful girls, both inside and out and yes both blessed with the name Melissa, Darrah is their new addition and she was welcomed to our shoot too. But honestly what I really saw most was their {inner essence} of what they want to express in the world. Genuine kind loving girls. Knowing what we should do with our gifts is how we show up in the world. These girls have found their gifts and share them with the world to inspire and create a world of more peace and love. Thank You Bri of Precious Malas for adorning our two Melissa’s with wrist stacks and neck malas in rose quartz and amethyst. Thank you for your kindness. See her work at Precious Malas

I love supporting companies, ideas, visions and mindsets that are driven with purpose in helping the world and humanity evolve through greater awareness of our connection to {love}.



Through the SprinkleKindness Movement promoting Random Kind Acts and Empowering Events our mission is to inspire community leaders to be an active example of love, kindness and compassion.

These two leadership coaches, Melissa Macky #SprinkleKindness founder and also has her own business of www.ignitemenow.com and Melissa Sterling of #SprinkleKindness.  To join the movement please check out www.sprinklekindness.tv.

Love the skin your in.


©Kendra Keir Photography

Be Love

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Pure essence shines when you love what you do and you share it with the world.


I love doing Maternity Sessions whether Solo or Coupled they are a great way to capture your Motherly Inner Essence ::

and it shows here with Kyla…

check out this Coupled Maternity Session with Kyla + Darren. So sweet and precious…..

I specialize in the beauty aspects of helping women see their own inner beauty and essence / flare. Allow me capture the memories of your pregnancy in a pretty and glamourous way… #maternityphotos #Kendrakeirphotography #YYCmaternityKendra_logo_just text150









©Kendra Keir Photography

Be Love

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Inner Perception | your view vs. others

What you think and what others see are usually not the same.

I wanted to share this Dove video, I recently saw it after I was talking to people at the New Earth Expo about inner beauty and helping people to see their own inner essence and beauty. As what I can help people to tap into and learn to love themselves. So I would get asked, have you seen the Dove Video, I said no. And so I went to find it and its my huge “WHY” and story of how each of us are NOT able to see our own inner beauty. Its impossible, you can not see your own angles, of yourself, your presence that emanates outward, even a mirror and photo reflection is a distortion of you.

I intention in sharing this video helps to demonstrate what actually happens when you ask women their own perception of how they believe they feel. It ties in nicely  why I feel strongly about helping people discover their own inner flare / essence and inner beauty. Its in you to see, to discover, to celebrate, to teach you to love yourself. Its in you to love. My message along with, love the skin your in.

How once you accept yourself you become beautiful. ~Osho

It reflects out to the world. I see the beauty in you and in this world. And I know thats why I am so passionate about what I do. You can watch the dove video here:


©Kendra Keir Photography

Be Love

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Exciting news, I have been working on launching my Etsy Shop for Digital photography and other artist projects as they are developed to showcase my landscape and tree art. Which will be for digital sale and custom commissions for canvas arts and mixed media. Photography is something I love to capture in nature especially trees, to edit, to create and inspire unique art from my digital images. I will be adding more as I go each week and time allows. Please go check it out and please stay tuned for more incredible captures I have collected over the years.

The shop image to the right of this post will also that you there.

” target=”_blank”>MyLotusFlare

Fabulous fun shooting with the Melissa’s and the ‪#‎sprinklekindess‬ Movement girls –

such sweethearts💕

These girls travel alot running Women’s Empowerment Events, aligning with Leaders and Speakers to help you do more and design your own life. So thought it would be fun to do a gypsy hippy traveling type session with them.

love is all around.. And if you see it smile back!!!

Thank you to Bri of Precious Malas for kindly allowing us to decorate our gals with your hand made malas both wrist stacks and neck male. They are gorgeous and Thank you!! check out her work at Precious Malas


Want to learn a little more about your self today?

I recently watched a Ted-Talk by Susan Cain about Introverts. Its funny how after a period of time you think your one thing and find out your another. Link in Facebook page link below.

intraverts how to

I believe if we can appreciate the differences in each that we could learn to respect the important facets we all contribute to society and humanity and place less judgement on character and more on acceptance creating for more peace in the world. The differences between the two are very informative in teaching our uniqueness in the world.

My photography work is about supporting one’s journey through self love and taking the time to see their own inner essence. We are all beautiful both men and women. But how often do we take the time in a regular fashion to show our appreciation for our soul self? My focus is on you and helping to see your own inner flare and beauty. Please visit my Facebook to read the full article and like my page.


Determination & Technology

How I first started learning Computer Skills | As a Young Mother



When I look back at gaining skills needed to manage my own blog, compose a resume or maintain my own website. Sometimes we forget how far we have come to achieve those things which give us more happiness and opportunities in life. I have learned a regular practice of reflection helps define the efforts and appreciate myself for all that I strive towards.

My most determined and defining moments were when I was a young single Mother of two young boys and had no computer skills. Yes we grew up with 3 channels, a tetherball and a bike. The boys had skidoos and punching bags. And those days of keeping busy outdoors everyday are something I think many of our young ones may not be able to relate too. Altering times through technology leaves one with the choice to evolve or stay stagnant.

Before I go into what I did to decide to evolve with the technology and jump on the bus so to speak, I wanted to share how I was feeling. The funny thing is, that I can’t ever recall why I wanted so badly to learn the computer. I’ll just leave it to a deep knowing. So now I’ll share my funny story of how I became inspired to start learning about computers and becoming savy.

I was 23 and living on my own, as a single Mom with my second child just born, so I realized I would need skills and computers were old and clunky. Remember IBM desktops with the DOS system and crappy words and black screens. Yikes how bad was that and how far have we come? So far, so quick.

So with this huge inspiration to just learn and become better, in order to provide for my young family. I decided that I would go out and find a used computer. I found one, an IBM on an internet site for used items for $700.00. That was a lot of money at that time too. And I remember knowing absolutely nothing, and when turning on the tank of a system, I just starting punching at the keyboard. While the system hadn’t even loaded to take commands. So interrupting the startup and getting into the bios clearly was the wrong thing to do. Guess I was a bit impatient. But just eager as well to make it work and start the fun. Even when it didn’t look fun, to start at a black screen.

So it was from here where I began to take word classes, typing and just plain old user ability, practice, practice, practice as they say. I became really proficient and could problem solve many things. I remember, adding drives, floppy disks, to alter the machine I had. Adding ram and getting the maximum potential. I was really good at finding out the answers too, so if I had a hankering for an upgrade, I would seek out the solution.

I am very grateful for my determination to become better by being willing to go into the unknown and work towards my ultimate goal of best self. After all, the only one we are trying to become better than is the person we were yesterday. I am also fortunate that has been my life goal to continually be open to learning.

And I also believe its through inspiration we first become determined to take the steps at achieving more for ourselves and go on to do just that.

© 2015 Kendra Keir

Be Love

Celebrate YOUR Birthday your WAY!!!! Why not have a beauty session…. Many of my customers are choosing to celebrate and take the day or half a day to being with their beloved true self…

Its a great way to get out of your own way and ensure your taking time for SELF LOVE to express your true {essence} and

discover more of your inner flare.

You are Love, You are worthy of that celebration. Special $400 – 1 hr session includes professional hair and makeup. pm me or visit2015-birthday-1

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Be Love ♥

Kendra Keir

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