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sneak peeks | seniors with flare

for the girls who just can’t wait to see these ** so here goes girls… Jess + Tori :: everyone remember high school… those good ole days…. we had so much fun with our shoot this past weekend. Did I say I Love this time of year!!! ??

I just love the air, the colours, the textures, the breeze, the sun.

Be Love





Enjoy these sneak peeks with Jill + Troy

Baby baby on the way, oh how I just love the excitement of baby on the way..!!!! Maybe because I’ve had three, and I’d have more if time + growing older were no obstacle. Mothering is one of the most incredible joys I ever experienced, and I am sure these two will enjoy immensely. Love Love Love baby….on its way.

Be Love



1O5A25001O5A25171O5A25541O5A26141O5A2837Jill + Tro

taking time to be real..

about what we are needing to learn in the moment..

to better one’s self…

we must be in full awareness of what we are creating..

this is the mirror of what we are projecting back to us..

as our meter of measure..

we just have to pay attention to its cause..


Be Love


Trees have been a long love of my, being around them, their lushness, their texture, their wrapped in love feeling.

I have so many tree pictures, that I have decided to take my time and load some of my favourites to my Etsy Shop : Mylotusflare

Etsy Shop Mylotusflare

Now available digital tree downloads or custom canvas art products.

Here’s a raining morning video capture, which was so beautiful I could not leave it behind. So glad I did take it, its beautiful and takes you into a few moments of sampling of peace and nature I love to experience.




Cindy’s session now on the blog. I am so pleased with the colours and light and results of these amazing images. She is stunning and confident in her presence.

Meet Cindy, she runs her own business as it has evolved over the last few years now known as  **Pleiadian Priestess & Mystical Leadership Coach. 💕

She is one of a kind, gentle, wise and strong in her power. I had so much fun with her on our shoot. Elegant is she in her essence. She supports intuitive and holistic minded women to become a powerful embodiment of feminine mystical leadership.

 * Soul Expression * Self-empowerment * Transformation

She offers a free “Power Priestess Breath-Thru Session” – and can be contacted via email for interested prospects.

Her website is www.cindyellams.com and being revamped. 💕

Her email is support@pleiadianpriestesspath.com.







I was born and raised in Calgary and don’t ever recall our city and surrounding areas covered with smoke. It was coming in from Washington, USA and we had no choice but to just wait it out. Out for a drive and found some pretty pics.




As we welcome September and the leaves start to change, I am reminded that it is my favourite time of year to be out shooting. I love the warm colours and changing air. Its such a beautiful backdrop for clients and their organic collections of images to cherish.

Be Love.


Hello, I am not one to normally capture the moon but this August moon was to be a Supermoon and it just so happened my spidy senses had me see it on Aug 27th pre Aug 29th full moon and watch for the full moon and then, it was golden on August 30th so I capture the series. Have a look. The August 27th moon really looks much like the full moon.

The first image here is Pre (2 days before) Full Moon on August 27th.


The 2nd image here is the Full Moon on August 29th 9:30pm MST.


The 3rd image here is the Post Full Moon on August 30th 9:35pm MST. It was more Golden than the others.


f e a t u r e d
r a n d o m
b e a u t y   +   G l a m o u r
k i d s   +   f a m i l y