Because I came here to be me, what you see if what you get.. Through my expression of my journey and all my skills and abilities to serve this world. My expression of me was suppressed pain for most of my life and affected how I felt about myself and my own empowerment, lack of boundaries and self worth.

However victory was claimed as I bursted through the shackles that bound me. Feeling in greater alignment to help others from my dissonant journey to unveiling one’s own inner beauty, soul expression and essence of who they are on a deep level to the hearts desire.

To discover their best self, can be led by one who’s lead the path, walks her talk and lives in her authentic truth.

The authenticity and staying true is the goal. A place to live from one’s own hearts ideals.

You are worth it!!!!

You are Creation expressing your own version of Love

What I know for sure, is you are LOVE x 100 – but what does that mean to you?

We each have a variety of the own expression of Love. That is for you and only you to discover, its in the journey and through your experiences that you do. No matter what you choose you are opening your self to becoming the love that you are more so expanding in.

Last year was my first year I started this process but even then was mid year only. My word was “Action”. I did a lot of that last year for sure. Taking risks, putting out offers, trying many things and never giving up. I resonated with that word then for that time as well. To me now, the word is just a staple, we all require action every day, last year it was intentional with purpose.

When I look at my yearly review it was full of taking risks and action. With a lot of struggles as many can relate, the energy of the year, no surprise.

What is your Word for the Year?

But I would like to encourage you to choose a word that means alot to you in January which by the way carries an energy for the year for you and to keep your focus on what you are intending.

I am about being raw and real with my journey and how I can be that to support those in this world who relate and I can help through their journey. We are here to help each other. So being Authentic and who I came here to be will allow just that.

That is my purpose to just discover all that I am to be my “Authentic Self”. After all it is just an experience right? Depending on your values and beliefs.

Join me on this journey there are so many ways to discover more about yourself.

I use my creative process through Photography, Soulful Coaching and my Ethereal Art Digital Creations, Fusion Photos and Watercolor Paintings. I craft and make many other projects that help me develop my inner child’s need to create through my imagination and listen to my soul for my journey to unfold.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

~Steve Jobs

Thats how I evolve into whats next for me. I take lots of risks regarding putting myself out there and frankly I’ve never cared what people think.

As I know I am to just be… I have only become more comfortable with this concept in the last 2 years, discovering more about my self worth as a real person to this experience in life. It’s very real, although we are too hard on ourselves about this journey sometimes.

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I too have learned to lighten my perception towards it.. my perception of this world is forever changing.. as I grow.

Enjoy the journey. Be Love