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Celebrate YOUR Birthday your WAY!!!! Why not have a beauty session…. Many of my customers are choosing to celebrate and take the day or half a day to being with their beloved true self…

Its a great way to get out of your own way and ensure your taking time for SELF LOVE to express your true {essence} and

discover more of your inner flare.

You are Love, You are worthy of that celebration. Special $400 – 1 hr session includes professional hair and makeup. pm me or visit2015-birthday-1

www.kendrakeir.com/blog | kendrakeirphoto@gmail.com

*Offer subject to end without notice.

Be Love ♥

Kendra Keir

Dave hasn’t had his portraits taken for about 10 years. It makes these kind of sessions all the better. Dave was looking for something fun and so him. I think we got that. So it was fun to get Dave out, we took some pics of his car too. It was a beautiful spring day and the weather cooperated. Thanks Dave for the uber fun session, I know you will love your photos. Thanks for the testimonial Dave!! All I can say is don’t wait so long til the next session.

~~ Testimonial~~

As someone who’s fairly shy in front of the camera, I have to say Kendra made me feel so comfortable! In fact I couldn’t stop smiling as Kendra really made the experience so enjoyable and fun. It was clear to me that Kendra is passionate about bringing out ones beauty and capturing it on camera. Kendra is a beautiful soul and she is able to pull her clients true self forth and take a picture of it, remarkable.


Dave is the founder of Hearts and Hammers ~  www.heartsandhammer.ca  ~ where he spends his time to an effort dear to him. I added their Mission Statement below for who they help. I took a look on the site and have to say congratulations Dave to making an outstanding impact in the community. If your looking for a non-profit to support or become aware of what hearts and hammers is all about, please check out their site.

Mission Statement

We’re a non-profit organization based in Calgary, Alberta. We are dedicated to providing renovations for locals in need with mobility challenges.






We each have an inner spirit that allows our character to fully embody through our physical self. That inner spirit is only partially visible through the shell that we associate visible self. I love to work with people to feel comfortable enough to let that inner playful spirit express its essence combined with the vessel shell to fully embody and display who you are on print. No two spirits or physical bodies are alike so that makes you very unique in how the world sees you. But how do you view yourself?

You can not possible see yourself how others do and how you really are. I work to help others to first, feel comfortable in their skin and then show them their own beauty essence of their self. In a way it helps them to reconnect with who they really are.
























What a magical weekend at the castle in Banff !!!

 So when I was laid off from my corporate job in oil and gas in January, the first thing I did was sign up as exhibitor for The New Earth Expo. To try my lens perception and passion of my 6 year part time business as a Calgary Photographer. The second thing I did was find a retreat to design my life and answer the nudge of my soul. The goal is to see where those steps take me on  my journey.

We don’t always know how things will turn out.


Just getting back last weekend from The Great Life Redesign retreat with compassionate Gemma Stone has been an amazing experience for me. A planning your life by design, setting goals and letting go of what you no longer need. In order to make room for more great stuff to show up, like peace and freedom. Not only did I experience meeting beautiful like souls, and a safe place to design my life.


As I started my path walk, these geese couple made an entrance with splashes and grandeur.


I will remember all the gold glitter and magical things that happened when you come from a place of love in your heart.

 Just some of the memorable happenings I can share with you. Soul nurturing music that led me to doodle draw the beautiful words through art in my journal. The soft kind words of those around me with noticeable soul essences of beauty expressed everywhere all weekend. And fantastic food and snacks and creative fun to express. Yes that’s me!

On a break, a special moment happened for me after I stepped outside on the stairs to get some fresh air, and as I was going back in, the sound of a feather dropping caught my attention to look back, it was a feather trying for my attention, as I picked it up, I knew its meaning. Even though this sort of feather dropping isn’t new to me, I knew it. Thank you- there are miracles in everyday, you just have to be present in the moment so you don’t miss them.

 With self created themes of intentions for me were, embrace trust, listen, expand in love, action, align with true self, connection, and self love.

 A Little poem inspiration during my alone time in my journal:

 Let yourself be held by Faiths cradle;

Let your heart wonder with guided delight;

Soothe those inklings by following your soul in the day or night.


showing up | I see friends shaking hands | heart bursting | soul thirsting | saying I love you | you can say I’m growing | what a wonderful world | saying I love you!


 Then as I was leaving the castle I wanted to end my trip with nature and a river walk for some contemplation and hard press the joyous moments there. When I first arrived to the river with the sun on my face, I starting pondering my beautiful weekend and gratefulness for taking time out to have a date with my soul (as Gemma calls it) and reconnecting. And right away a geese couple were flying in from the north to land in tandem with their unique squawks and splashes before me, I enjoyed first off. The river walk was starting to have meaning already.

 As I wasn’t ready to think about the days ahead, or going back to the city and was mindful to stay in this moment of beauty before me, with the mountains, warm air and colorful water present. I was feeling the sun which I love to do and spent some time walking and stopping along the path here and there. It was nearing the end of my walk where the truly touching moments would unfold. I decided to sit on a bench and the idea of expressing my desire to have a soul 2 soul heart 2 heart with a certain someone. I found myself talking to this soul only through my hearts intention. I often do this when I’m not able to talk to someone or write them a letter. So the words from my heart started to flow. I found myself apologizing and in knowing that our spirit leads us first, our emotions follow then our head gets it. I felt an apology was necessary as my soul was speaking its truth which I thought odd, cause I never really thought I needed to do.

So without getting into the details of my heart 2 heart with this other soul conversation lead through pure intention. I had a paper tag left over from the retreat clear and free to write on. I jotted down the summary of the conversation, then my glasses fell on the ground, and as I went to pick them up, my shell earning fell on the ground and broke. So not thinking much about it, I finished up the poem summary, and took a relaxing breath. As I started to leave I saw three boys heading my way. I watched them set a bunch of flowers with daises, purple and green accents on the bench beside them. And the darted back on the path towards me. They started to say to me, you can have them, someone just gave them to us. I hesitated and said, ok, as I walked towards the flowers, I was really thinking now. I only took 1/3rd of the bunch thinking someone else could enjoy them too. Then as I’m walking saying to myself this is very syncronistic. How is was happening within 5 minutes of my heart 2 heart and thinking this to be the confirmation or acceptance of my intentional conversation, being heard or acknowledged?


As I kept walking I started looking for something to tie the bunch of flowers, then I immediately found a beige shoe lace and tied the bunch together.

What a wonderful way to end my special weekend of miracles and designing a life I’ll treasure forever.

I know the soul’s intelligence is so deeper than we know. It has been my experience to practice this with those I wish to get things right with / rectified. In Hawaiian culture the process is called – The Huna Process of Ho’oponopono, I have heard about it various times in my life and again during my trip to Hawaii. I do practice this forgiving, I’m sorry prayer so very freeing. I put my own twist on the concept by having the intention to speak with someone’s soul via seeking forgiveness, apologizing or having heart 2 heart conversations. After all we are infinite. We are more than our physical shell. I honour my soul by listening to anything that makes sense to it, to try. We are only limited by ourselves and limited by what we choose to think and value.

 Miracles are possible for everyone, as long as we are willing to be grateful and present to notice the beauty in life, coming from a place of love anything is possible.

Be Love ♥


sometimes an image leaves me breathless and speechless… this is it.

Be Love ♥



love who you are, life has taught me, you are always more beautiful both inside and out than you could ever see yourself. Love the skin your in. You are soooo beautiful, unique and one of a kind.

As spring seemed so well on its way, then with the delight of more snow.

We are shown glimpses of the unfolding season ahead.

As spring is welcomed here:

Surrender to what is.

Let go of what was.

Have Faith in what will be.

~Sonia Ricotti

Be Love ♥



I love spending family time with my loves. All three are my beloveds and have been gifts to me.

With my littlest we did a sparkle heart quick session to get something to capture love,

in the moment and presence. But they are all my sparkle hearts.

Some quotes for sharing in the love and thankfulness we feel and share.


Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.

~S.D. Gordon




Mother Daughter Sessions | Now Offering

With Mother’s Day around the corner we celebrate all the appreciation we have for our Mothers. There is no better way than photos to show and capture that love forever. I for one never hired a photographer to capture the special love between my daughter and I. Well, I wished I would have. When you can actually be in the moment, share and embrace that love, its easily captured. Don’t wait 5 years, don’t wait 10, capture the love that you share, it is truly a memorable experience. Limited to Mother and one child for this offer. Pm me for more info. Calgary Photographer specializes in celebrating and capturing your unique connection to yourself and with your loved ones.

Love who you are. Love the skin your in. Show it with the ones you love.

Be Love ♥


mothers dayIMG_8211

The lovely Miss “A” was looking forward to our beauty session together to provide some sweet and beautiful essence photos as a surprise for her loved one. I am sure he was surprised when she took his shirt to wear to take some memorable photos in. We had fun and captured some classic precious keepsakes. She looks soooooooo beautiful!! Enjoy!


Love who you are. Love the skin your in.

Be Love ♥


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